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Future projects may be supported by donation, or through a Patreon account (pending). Thank you for supporting our work to keep viable and imaginative! 


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Sponsorships and generous donations of support 

We acknowledge the generous provisions by SOUTHWEST AIRLINES, with flight for our guest artist and for giving us a  supportive "pat on the back."  What a superb airline company they are!  Let's all support them, too! 
The Bedford, TX COURTYARD MARRIOT... providing us with a lovely place to stay when our guest artists are in town.  True Southern Hospitality. 
Special thank you to THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS for doing a great job of covering the arts in our community.... 

Thank you to the FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM with the tenacity of a honey bee for the arts scene in Northeast Tarrant County. 

You can add your business, or personal name to this growing list, by providing "in kind services" or by supplementing our show in whatever way your budget would see best.   In turn we will mention your name as a sponsor on air. 

Recording and production expenses for each episode of Third Coast Live-Radio Theater run into the thousands of dollars. Sponsorships are a key factor in assisting ongoing operations. Nationwide exposure is possible through our planned podcast syndication, download sales and Voice-Acting workshops in our home markets.

Nice comments: (we only have that kind, so far!) 


"People need to hear this." 
---Steve Karesh, XM Radio 

"Who knew watching radio was so entertaining." 
---Tom Simes, Dallas Morning News 

"You've got great talent. You already knew that." 
---Dick Brescia, Media Consultant 

"Intelligent comedy, it exists with Third Coast Live Radio Theater." 
---Marjorie Van Halteren, Radio Queen, recipient of Peabody Awards 

"BK does it again. Very skillful audio ." 
---Dani Cutler, Podcaster 

"You impress me, BK." 
---Neal Malley, Engineer, Funimation