BK Turning

B. Kaarina Turning has a vision for listening.  It all started within her family, parents who had no language in common. The children made their needs known through the universal sounds of hunger and thirst- (grunting, that's right). Grateful for neighbors who intervened, she mastered communication, and went on to receive honors in art.  As for radio, a medium she immediately embraced, she was a co-host at her college radio station, KOHL long before co-hosts were popular. Her studies took her abroad, where she taught as a guest at the Sibelius Academy of Performing Arts. 

BK got her first experience at directing, writing, editing (Protools) and producing (as well as voice acting) during her time as co-host for the Afternoon Show at KCBI. The project at KCBI received a Silver Microphone award from the New York International Radio Theater competition. BK has many theater credits, but she especially enjoyed performing in originally written plays (such as "The Boxer's Garden"-A. Librizzi). She is funnier than her spouse: A point of contention.