John William Galt

John is a true blessing to have as a guest voice talent. He has many voices, and is a prolific writer. In the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, John is know as "The Godfather of Voices". Somehow, somewhere, you've heard him before! Whether in the thousands of commercials, or the hundreds of films he's done, John has surely made his mark. He has even been the president of the United States... at least in the movies! Yes, John was the voice of LBJ in two Academy Award winning films: JFK and Forest Gump!

Among other things, John has toured with Mickey Rooney for 76 weeks, 15 weeks with June Lockhart and Maureen O'Sullivan, 4 weeks with Don Ameche. John is also a black belt instructor in Tae Guek Kwan Kung Fu...a man of many talents!

Represented by:                                                  John William Galt
Kim Dawson Agency                                                214-212-6210



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