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November 6, 2011 Airing

In 2010, KCNR owners Carl and Linda Bott urged Bill and Lisa Collins to create their own weekly radio program that would utilize their extensive connections and experience in the theatrical world. (And they are extensive ! Please visit their website.)

The natural media choice was of course for Bill and Lisa was, Radio Theater. Drawing from the great success of The Harmony Sweepstakes, which Lisa Collins produced, they felt that a competition for new talent that offered a significant award was a great fit.

As Lisa stated in a recent interview with Kevin and Barbara, their strength is in dramatic expose. Bill is a prolific musician, as well. Together they have committed to a generous Shakespearean philosophy, by contributing their efforts toward excellent theater in their community, in Northern California. We offer support to their endeavors.

The Memorial for Jerry Houston

Jerry continues to be missed by everyone who worked with him. Jerry Houston and Bob Magruder held many voice over workshops together. They guided many new voice talent.

Bob Magruder gave me a script to direct live, I believe, in order to have someone work a radio theater play while Bob and Jerry got to play at their favorite skits from Bob and Ray (Slow Talkers of America) and Stan Freberg (Elderly Man River).

The pleasure was all mine, and now, for Jerry, we still pine.

NPR Talent Quest

In the end, our time was well spent, if you made friends and learned something from it. Three time Peabody Award Winning, Marjorie Van Halteren says to this producer, "I gave you Five Stars." And when the votes came in, said, "You are still a STAR"....Shucks, and all of that. Hey. She should know! She is the radio queen, in my opinion, having co-produced Bob and Ray, co-produced at the Carnegie Hall, numerous Armstrongs, teaches in France....her credits are many, and her advice golden.

Onward to production. Thank you for your thoughts on this topic and others!

Your Panhandle Companion.

Making New Friends

Mike Meyers, Chris Farley and similar comedians, hail from Second City, Toronto, Canada. Well ! We are flattered to mix our company, with the Great Country of Canada ! So, we are pleased to begin our broadcast in

Halifax, Canada--the country that breeds comedy!

On September 6, 2005, Tuesday 8:00 pm EST, aires the first of many radio montages, from across the Northern Hemisphere.


"People need to hear this."

And so says XM satellite executive producer, Steve Karesh, in a recent telephone conversation with BK Turning. Third Coast Live Radio Theater is now working, in studio, to reproduce broadcast quality sound of our original comedy material for XM radio, in order to meet this exciting offer in a timely fashion. Temporarily off stage, we are focusing our talents in the studio and in post production.

Audience laughter is the fuel which moves the vehicle... but when broadcasting, we want the sound to be crystal clear ! When we return to the stage, we have a very different format to introduce to our audience. One which is full of surprizes, audience participation, music, and mystery!

Until that time, remember: "Listening is the key to understanding."

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