Jim Cranna

Lovely Generous Jim Cranna

OK.  It wasn't a fair photo opportunity.  But Jim is the master of
improv, and after he took a bite of lunch,  he saw the camera,
 "cheeked" his food,  eeked a smile....and voila!  A cheeky photo of one of the most talented backbones of comedy.  He's written for Paul Lynde, played a Miwok puppet, and has more letters after his name, than an MIT professor! If you "google" Jim's name,  you'll come up with some very surprizing
roles:  His credits  include,  American Graffitti,  Mrs. Doubtfire,
in sitcom, Green Acres...and it all started at  The Committee, in San Francisco.  Jim is also a great father and a loyal friend!*



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